Who Are We

Prominent professionals from all over the world who are specialized in the areas of theoretical and philosophical psychiatry, -psychotherapy, - psychology, - neuroscience and psychiatric ethics participate in our international W. Kahn Institute of Theoretical Psychiatry and Neuroscience . Our institute have following departments: a) theoretical general psychiatry, b) theoretical forensic psychiatry, c) theoretical child and adolescent psychiatry, d) theoretical psychotherapy, e) psychopathology, f) philosophical psychiatry and psychology, h) psychiatric and neurologic ethics, i) theoretical neuroscience, and j) theoretical social and cultural psychiatry. Our W. Kahn Institute of Theoretical Psychiatry and Neuroscience is included in The World of Learning: International Guide To The Academic World. Europa Publication: Taylor & Francis Group, 2005 - 2008).

Goalsetting and Research

Our institute develops theoretical models for a) treament, research and explanation of mental and neurologic disorders that form the basis of new therapeutic approaches, and b) ethical guidelines for psychiatric and neurologic treatment and research. We also advise hospitals, prominent organizations and governments on (theoretical) psychiatric treatment and explanation and medical ethical issues and how to built a bridge from theory to practice. Furthermore, we publish about our inventions and ideas in many international journals. 

Some of Our Research Projects
- Theoretical Investigation of Etiology and Remission in Antiscoial and Psychopathic Personality disorders;
- Theoretical Investigation of Etiology and Remission in Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders;
- Multidisciplinary Aspects of Personality Disorders (psychosocial, intrapsychic, neurologic, genetic, cognitive, cultural and religious;
- Multidisciplinary Aspects of Psychosis (psychosocial, intrapsychic, neurologic, genetic, cognitive, cultural and religious);
- Philosophical aspects of Mental Disorders;
- Neurobiological Maturation in Recovered Mental Disordered Patients;
- Theoretical Model of Brain-Behavior Interaction;
- Mutldimensional psychopathology;
- Theoretical Models for New Psychotherapeutic Apporaches.

Executive Staff

- Professor dr. W. Kahn - Founder and President; email: WimKahn1@hotmail.com;
- W. H. J. Martens MD, PhD - Chair W. Kahn Institute, Advisor Psychiatry appointed by the European Commission (Leonardo da Vinci), and Member of the Research Council of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK  ; email: Martens_92@hotmail.com, or MartensW2000@yahoo.com;
- W. A. Tuijten - Secretary; email: Tuijten@lycos.com.

Other staff members:

- Mr. C. F. van der Jagt (legal advisor);
- Drs. D. J. Piersma;
- Drs. F. W. Jimmink.

Advisory Board and Members

- Prof. dr. George Agich (Section Psychiatric Ethics and member of advisory board of W. Kahn Institute); Director, BGeXperience Program (Universioty Values Program), Professor of Philosophy, Senior Research fellow - Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University; Clinical Professor of Medicine, Ohio State University School of Medicine;
- Prof. dr. Paul Appelbaum (Sections Theoretical Forensic Psychiatry and Psychiatric Ethics); Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine & Law; Director, Division of Psychiatry, Law, and Ethics, Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, USA; former president of the American Psychiatric Association; member of editorial board of various journals;
- Prof. dr. Bruce Arrigo (Section Theoretical Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry of W. Kahn Institute); Professor of Criminal Justice and Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA; 
- Dr. Bernard Baars PhD (section Theoretical Neuroscience); Senior Fellow in Theoretical Neurobiology, The Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, USA, Co-editor of "Conciousness and Cognition" and "Science and Consciousness Review";
- Prof. dr. Simon Baron-Cohen (member of advisory board of W. Kahn Institute); Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, Department of Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry and Diercetor of Autism Research Center at Cambridge University, UK;
- Prof. dr. Dinesh Bhugra (section Theoretical Social and Cultural Psychiatry W. Kahn Institute); Professor of Mental Health and Cultural Diversity, David Goldberg Centre, King's College, London, and Elected Dean of The Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, editor of "International Journal of Social Psychiatry"; 
- Prof. dr. Kamaldeep Bhui (Section Theoretical Social and Cultural Psychiatry of W. Kahn Institute); Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Epidemiology at Queen Mary University of London, UK;  
- Prof. dr. Amnon Carmi (section Psychiatric Ethics and member of advisory board of W. Kahn Institute); Professor of Law and Medical Ethics at Haifa University, Israel, member of the World Health organization Expert Advisory Panel, and President of the World Association of Medical Law, editor of "Medicine and Law";
Prof. dr. Bill Fulfurd (section Theoretical General Psychiatry, section Psychopathology of W.Kahn Institute); Professor of Philosophy of Mental Health at Warwick University and honorary consultant of Oxford University, UK, editor of "Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology"; 
- Prof. dr. Ian Gold (section Philosophical Psychiatry, Theoretical Neuroscience); Canada Research Chair in Philosophy and Psychiatry at McGill University, Monreal, Quebec, Canada;
- Prof. dr. William Kahn (section Theoretical and Experimental Psychiatry; member of advisory board W. Kahn Institute); Founder and President of W. Kahn Institute;
- Prof. dr. Jack Katz (section Theoretical Cultural and Social Psychiatry and Theoretical Forensic Psychiatry), Professor of Sociology at the University of Carlifornia at Los Angeles; 
- Dr. Wim Martens (Chair W. Kahn Institute and member of sections Theoretical Forensic Psychiatry, Theoretical Psychotherapy, and Psychopathology and member of the advisory board of W. Kahn Institute); Advisor appointed by the European Commission (Leonardo da Vinci); Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists - Philosophy Interest Group (UK), and Member of the Research Council of the International Biographical Centre (UK); 
- Prof. dr. Jim Overholser (sections Theoretical Psychology and Theoretical Psychotherapy of W. Kahn Institute); Professor of Psychology at Case Western University, Cleveland, USA;